About us

WHAT IS Belle De Natur?

Belle De Natur has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness, and is 100% formaldehyde free containing no methylene-glycol or any other harsh chemicals that produce formaldehyde when heat is applied. Belle De Natur has none of the health risks or side effects of other products. Belle De Natur is safe for women of all ages and can be used on bleached hair, ethnic hair, and even virgin hair. Simply by adjusting the technique used, Belle De Natur can be customized to cater to different hair types and offer a variety of results. With the same three-step system, you can achieve a pin-straight look, straighten the hair, while still retaining body; or you can remove frizz, redefining a curl entirely.

Ingredients that break down into formaldehyde include: 

 – Formalin 

 – Formic aldehyde

 – Methanol

 – Methylene glycol

 – Methylene oxide

 – Oxomethane




Belle De Natur’s main active ingredient is tannin, an element widely used in tanneries to leave leather waterproof, soft, flexible, and unbreakable. Our laboratory managed to synthesize elements from the family of tannins and brought them to use in cosmetics.

Also in its composition, Belle De Natur contains a natural Argan oil extract, which provides moisture to the hair.

With consideration to the health of one’s hair, the pigmentation is purple to provide prevention of an anti-yellow tone of the hair during the thermal process. We achieve a treatment that strengthens and rejuvenates the wires, shields the cuticles, adds softness and shine to the hair, and prevents the action of free radicals that cause premature aging. It also helps to moisturize the scalp and hair, protect the color, and decrease the aggression of other chemical treatments.

In addition to the Tannins and Argan oil, we have Amino AcidsThe water amount is an important factor for hair and skin. A tissue, called the cuticle, on the surface of the hair plays an important role in water retention, and Amino Acids are ingredients that moisturize the cuticles. Hair that is dry and dull shows that the cuticles are badly damaged, due to a decreased amount of Amino Acids. Many people dye their hair, but the dye and the chemicals damage the hair, especially the cuticles. It was found that shampoos, conditioners and treating agents containing certain types of Amino Acids prevent the hair from breaking due to the increase of the water retention capacity.

Belle De Natur acts on peptide bonds rather than sulfur bonds. With Belle De Natur, the hair treated with Amino Acids becomes “soft” and “hydrated.” 

In short, our unique combination of Tannins, Argan oil extracts, and Amino Acids are what set Belle De Natur apart from any other hair straightening system on the market today!